Friday, August 27, 2010

Worst blogger ever...

Wow...its been over 3 months since I posted, can you say lazy much? Not much new to report in my world I guess. Been a busy summer, to summarize
- Flood waters have finally started receding, no water in the lakehouse, but it was too close for comfort. Over 50% of the houses on the lake were flooded. If there is some major snowfall this winter, we will be in trouble again come spring.
- Lump on my sweet lab's chest has remained the same....hopefully this means it's nothing we need to worry about.
-Lots of weddings this summer and fall...lots of fun, but a constant reminder of how peoples lives keep moving forward and ours still stays stagnant and unchanging.
-HOT HOT HOT....its been a nearly unbearably hot and wet summer, we usually run our central air a week at most during the summer, this year we had it on for 6 weeks straigh....I almost threw up when I got the electric bill.
-WET WET WET....We also had nearly 20 inches over normal of rain for the summer ...thats 20 inches OVER, not 20 inches total. We had 8 inches one evening in a matter of a few hours. It's made for a constant battle with a wet basement this summer, its just finally starting to dry out. Friends of ours had 6 feet of water in their finished basement...we helped them clean it up...filled one of those truck bed sized dumpsters with all their furniture and carpet....what a mess!
-Nothing at all new on the TTC front, still trying to sort it all out in my head what we want to do next (if anything).

That about sums it that things have slowed down a bit, I'll try to be here more often...I know you are all waiting for the extremely exciting details of my life :)