Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why its wise not to live in small town...

especially the town you grew up in. I was out on my lunch hour today, the town has city-wide rummage sales, being the bargain hunter than I am and as a way to kill a lunch hour, I stopped at a few, while its inevitable that I run into people that I know, its also inevitable that I run into someone who gives me that 'I just want to throw up on your feet' feeling.

This girl I graduated high school with just happened to be the recipeint of this feeling today. She was always Miss Popular and actually she was a really nice girl, just spoiled and uppity, you know the type, since we graduated from high school (which is a while a go but still a relatively short time) she has been married 3 times!! That's right, she's on her 3rd husband, no kiddos with hubby #1, hubby #2 she had twin boys and another boy. Now hubby #3 is at least 15 years her senior, we're talking late forties maybe early fifties, assuming since she has married an older man and already has 3 small children the last thing I expected to see when she turned towards me was a big ol' preggo belly, but that's just what I saw...there she was with her youngest boy oooing and aaaaing over the little girl clothes that were for sale, apparently she's having a girl this time, it took all Ihad to muster a response when she said hello. There are times when I wish I had one of those teleporters like they used to have in Star Trek, I would have beamed myself right the heck out of there. Man wouldn't that be great! Wait, I take that back, I would have stayed and beamed her preggo butt out of my sight! Instead, like always, I hang my head, not needing any of the adorable baby clothes she is so interested in, I head back to my empty, lonely car.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I've finally figured out how to post my TTC journey on the right of my blog, it only took me a few months....I must admit I may just be as technology challenged as I am reproductively challenged.

Nothing new in ttc land, nothing much new at all. Its tax day!!!!! Can we get a big Wahoo!!!!!!! I will finally be able to get back to all of my work duties that get neglected during tax season, I've got a stack of filing on my desk taller than my computer - yikes!!

I've really been thinking hard about refinancing our mortgage, borrowing some more money against our house and stashing it away in case we need to do IVF.......we've got a lot of equity and if we decide not to do it, I can always pay it back....I just can't decide, I really wish I didn't have to make decisions like this. I am just SO scared that I will spend $15,000 that we don't have and have nothing to show for it. It might be the riskiest decison I've ever had to make, probably why I only talk about it and never do it.

Weather is still cold and crappy here, the grass is slowing starting to green up, maybe spring is in sight after all. I sure hope so, this has been the longest winter I can ever remember.

That's all for now, now that tax season is over perhaps I will have a little more time to blog....even though I have nothing to blog about :)