Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The rest of the story....

So here's the rest of the bat story for those who are curious as to how my intruder met his demise....I had been carrying stuff down the stairs from upstairs and hauling it to my car for the garage sale. I had this poker table that was in one of our storage closets...we have a story and 1/2 so where the walls meet the angle of the roof, there are big closets....anyway I decided to get rid of the table and carried it down the stairs through the kitchen and out the I was shifting the weight of the table outside to get it to the car, my husband yells - 'there's another bat in the house'. I seriously thought he was joking....he had been poking fun at me about the incident from the night before and how scared I was of the I yell back 'seriously?' and he replies 'I'm dead serious'. I still wasn't sure if I believed him but I didnt' want to go back in the house to find out. So I yell 'where?' ...'in the kitchen' he says, 'it must have flown out of whatever you brought down the stairs' now I believed him and I immediately dropped the table on the ground and started to panick.....he yells out 'do we have a fly swatter' and I'm like 'you need something bigger than that!!' Then I hear a big commotion and things hitting the floor and dh yells 'I got him' go inside and there is a glass and salt and pepper shakers and a sweatshirt on the floor. Apparently dh took the sweatshirt off his back to swat at the bat as it was circling in the kitchen and took everything on the counter out in the process. But the bat was knocked out and under the sweatshirt. Dh took it outside, stomped on it to make sure it was never coming back and threw it to a part of the yard we never go.....Ewwwwww! So apparently the bat had been hiding out on the poker table and when I brought it downstairs he decided to fly around the kitchen....again thank God I wasn't inside when this happened or you probably all would have been able to hear my screaming as far away as where you live!

So we havn't had anymore incidents since then so I'm sticking with my story that it was just the one bat and we won't have any more problems....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the case.

On another note...I made nearly $300 on the garage sale and I only had one box of stuff left of the 2+ carloads of stuff I got rid of - wooo hooo!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The bat came back.....

well at least I'm hoping it was the same one.....he didn't live this time. What are the chances I would have two bat incidents in my house in 2 days? In 8 years we have lived in our house we have NEVER had anything like this happen, for that fact, I'm going to say (and pray) it was the same one and if that is the case - he definitely won't be causing anymore trouble. But yeah, how disgustingly gross is the fact that there was a bat in my house, I'm still totally freaked out, yuck, yuck, yuck!!

My sister, my mother and a friend are having a rummage sale this afternoon, so I've torn apart my whole house ridding it of anything and everything I felt the need to part with, its been a ton of work, we havn't done this in over 10 years, now I remember why. Here's hoping it turns out to be worth it and I make a few bucks. If it doesn't sell - it's getting donated, so at least I'll be rid of it all. Now only if my house wasn't now tainted by the bat incidents I could feel really good about my clutter free house. Damn bat!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holy Crap Batman!!

So last night I was lying in bed after I had just shut the lights off, my dh had fallen asleep on the couch and it was just me and my dog in the bedroom. I heard a bunch of noise and thought that dh had woken up and was coming to bed.....I waited and he never came up the stairs, so I listened more carefully, I could hear the dog doing her sleeping breathing and I knew it wasn't her, soon I could hear what soundling like scratching and a 'tink tink' noise like dishes gently clanking together........I listened for a minute or wasn't my imagination, something was making noise in the house. I was scared s***less. I carefully got out of bed imagining all kinds of critters scurrying about the house, I didn't want to turn on the light because I didn't want to see anything scurrying about, so I carefully walked out of the bedroom and listened to see if I could pinpoint where the noise was coming from......I figured out the noise was coming from my upstairs I carefully walked into the bathroom and listened, the 'tink tink' and scratching noise was still I took a deep breath and turned on the light. I quickly looked around to figure out where the 'tinking' was coming from. I have ceramic vase in the corner of the bathroom on a corner shelf and so very bravely while chanting to myself 'don't scream, don't scream, don't scream' I peered inside the vase.........sure enough the culprit was in there ..................a little black BAT!!!! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!! I didn't scream, but I sure as hell didn't stick around either, I was down the stairs so fast I'm not sure if I even touched them......I woke up dh frantically telling him there was a bat in the bathrooom, my dh does not do well when woken, he was quite confused and groggy, but after much pleading on my part I got him to go up the stairs, luckily the little critter was still in the vase and not flying around or I think I may have been out of my front door prepared to sleep anywhere but inside the house. Dh put a magazine over the top of the vase and carried it and our little intruder outside and let him go, I wanted dh to kill it, but he just let it fly away......needless to say I didn't get much sleep after that. I figure it came in my heating vent in the bathroom because that one is not screwed to the wall and it was slid out to where it was about to fall out of the hole. So today I was browsing a local classified site and there was an ad for a wildlife control company - the leading sentence was 'Fall is the time of year when bats come inside looking for a place to winter' - I can attest to that! I tell you one thing......that bat is not wintering in my bathroom.....lets just hope he doesn't make a repeat appearance or 'crit.ter get.ters' will be getting a call and he won't be wintering at all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I just don't get it

I read a story today on Ya.hoo news regarding a mix-up of sperm at an IVF clinc and a lawsuit that has ensued…..while certainly this is an awful situation, this isn’t the subject of this post. It was the comments that followed that really rattled me. There were dozens and dozens of comments from people stating their views on IVF, Infertility Treatments and people who are unable to conceive “the old fashioned way”, often times using the word 'selfish' to describe those who pursue treatment. While I certainly understand why IVF itself is controversial from a religious perspective, and I have nothing but respect for the people who follow their religion's teachings on the subject. What I don’t understand or respect are the people who so ignorantly believe that infertility is part of the natural selection process, the way nature intended it, survival of the fittest if you will, that those of us who are unable to conceive are genetically flawed and therefore rightfully unable to procreate, and by conceiving using medical intervention we are contaminating the gene pool and in turn adding to the already overpopulated world. SERIOUSLY WTF!!!!!!

By this mentality anyone who has an ailment of any sort, be it cancer, diabetes, or whatever would also be genetically flawed and by using artificial means i.e. medical intervention to stay alive are messing with the natural selection process as well, right? Am I wrong here? Why do we even have medical intervention for anything at all if it were ‘natural’ for some of us to die and some of us to live the way nature intended? Wouldn’t letting these ‘flawed’ people meet their demise also be helping this overwhelming overpopulation problem we have and cleaning up the gene pool?

We all know that everyone of those people who posted their opposition to fertility treatment would seek medical intervention for an illness or disease. Why does intervention for infertility get singled out as going against natural selection? How is this thinking rational or acceptable? I’m not talking about a couple people here, there were seriously dozens of commenters who felt this way. Why are infertility and the people who suffer from it so misunderstood? Where does this end? If we’re worried about contaminating the gene pool – shouldn’t there be some sort of medical screening or application process to procreate, shouldn’t we take it upon ourselves to only allow those who are genetically superior to conceive?

How did this world and the people in it get so screwed up? Someone help me understand.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Funny! have got to check this website out, it's freaking hilarious

http://www.*peopleof*walmart.*com/ (take out the *'s - I didn't want a search for this site to lead here)

Sorry, I've been slacking again, not much going on here.....leaving for the weekend to the lake again, more next week - have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August and other unimportant stuff

I am so ecstatic that August is over, August has been a historically bad month for me, I can't even count on two hands the close relatives, neighbors and friends, not to mention a little one of my own, who have passed away in the month of August, I don't know what it is about August, but I'm glad it's over.

The new Dan Bro.wn book comes out September 15, I have already pre-ordered my copy from B&N and CAN'T WAIT for its arrival......I am like a kid waiting for Christmas! Speaking of books, I finished the Twi.light Saga, I LOVED them, I wish there were more 'cuz I would keep reading, I'm actually sad that I'm done and will probably read them over again, but I've been completely neglecting all of my responsibilities in favor of reading, my house is a mess, laundry piled up and my dh is not amused....oops:) I started another co-worker on them and get cursed out every morning as the same thing is happening to her, they're addictive, I warned her - what can I say?

Leaving after work today for a long weekend at the lake, weather is supposed to be great, so it should be good. Only bad part is dh's grandma is coming too, for some reason this women thinks it is her God given right to stay at the house, while its fine to have her there once in a while, she has been there WAY more than her share this summer - the really bad part is that we only have one spare bedroom but it sleeps 5, when she is there she takes over the WHOLE bedroom, she has even put some of her clothes in the closet and leaves them there WTH!! So if we ever have company come to stay, which we do often - they have to sleep in the living room - who is going to kick a 75 year old women out of the bedroom? It annoys us all to no end, but what are you going to do?

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend - 'see' you all on Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take Action

This was posted on a message board I frequent and I thought it was important enough to pass on.

There is current legislation RIGHT NOW for the mandate of insurance companies to cover infertility treatments. Please, please, join me in sending a letter to your local state rep., and two senators. The official resolve website has made it EXTREMELY easy to contact them, all you have to do is go to this link About half way down you can click the link that says "contact your representative" or "contact your two senators." These links will take you to a form where you fill in your personal info, and send! That's it. No pouring over wording, they've done all the work for us!

What a waste...

I work for a small law firm (not in my town of 80, in a larger town 10 miles away). When I started here 11 years ago, there were 3 attorneys/partners in our office, I was an assistant to one partner who was a mid 40's successful attorney. He had everything going for him, he was very intelligent, had a law degree and an MBA, a beautiful wife, a great son, a nice home. As time went on, we all noticed that things were starting to fall apart for him. He was missing deadlines, calling in sick, completely ignoring clients, it wasn't pretty. Around this same time he also started an affair with one of his clients, a big no no to say the least. It was his choice to leave his wife and pursue a relationship with this woman. This is where things really started to turn for the worst, his practice of law was severely compromised. The law firm had no choice but to ask him to leave. The reputation of the firm simply couldn't withstand all the bad things he was inflicting on himself.

At first he seemed to hold it together, he practiced in another town, moved in with his girlfriend, he seemed okay. About a year or so after he left the firm things got really bad, he got disbarred for life for a very serious offense I won't go into. He split with his girlfriend, and moved in with his father. His relationship with his son was severely strained from the affair. If finally came to light that he was an alcoholic and it was having a huge impact on his life. He kept losing jobs due to his drinking, one job was as a home door to door delivery of frozen foods, he lost this job when it was apparent he was drinking while driving the company truck for deliveries.....things kept spiraling from there. His drinking got worse, over the past year or so he was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning several times, was in and out of numerous treatment facilities, his family was told on 3 occasions that death was imminent, but somehow he kept pulling through, taking another shot at treatment and another attempt at straightening his life out. The senior partner at my office had lunch with him last week, while his health wasn't great, as he was in need of a liver transplant, and as most of you know they don't give livers to alcoholics, but he seemed to be doing okay. Well the battle apparently proved to be too much for him, yesterday after another lapse he died at the age of 55. So terribly sad, so terribly wasteful, while we all saw it coming, it's still devastating news to us all. We all feel like maybe there was more we could have done, but in reality he was the only one who could have saved himself.

If you're the praying type, please say a prayer for his family.