Wednesday, September 30, 2015


On Sunday morning we had 4 embryos that had reached the Blasocyst stage. A 4BB, 3BB, 2BB and 1BB which are all good quality.

We decided to go with the national recommendation of 2 this time and transfer the 4 and the 3. The 2 and the 1 were frozen.

Beta on October 9. Feeling better about things this time. Lets hope that translates into a better outcome!

Friday, September 25, 2015

3 day Embryo Report

3 x 7-cell B's
5 x 6-cell B's
1 x 5-cell B
1 x 4 -cell B
2 x 6-cell C's
2 x 3-cell C's

Our embryologist does a pretty simplistic rating system, A, B or C. A is perfect, B is good, C is poor.

Given we had all C's last time this is MUCH better! Keeping everything crossed we have as good of news on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here we are again

So here we are again, meds have been injected, eggs have been collected and we wait to see what kind of quality of embryos we have this time around. They were able to retrieve 22 eggs this time, all mature. Of those 15 fertilized, one abnormally and 14 normally. So, as of today - Day 1- We have 14 embryos and are once again scheduled for a 5 day transfer on Sunday. I am happy that we have a larger number this time, maybe, just maybe there will be one or two in there that could go the distance, but I can't help but hear the nagging voice in the background reminding me of what happened last time. Only time will tell, we continue to hope, wish and pray for our miracle.