Friday, November 20, 2009

Just call me a geek.....

Even though the first movie in the saga was IMO terrible......guess who was at the 12:05 a.m. showing of Ne.w Moo.n last guessed right, ME! Yes I am a complete dork, yes I was older than everyone there by at least 15 years.....yes I am dead ass tired today at work.....and YES it was totally worth was infinitely better than the first one, though I still think you need to have read the book to 'get it'....but a new director has made all the difference and half naked, beyond buff hotties doesn't hurt anything either, I realize Tay.lor Laut.ner is young enough to be my son.....but delicious.... it left me feeling a little like a dirty old lady perv but something that beautiful needs to be appreciated....I won't put it past myself to go see it again.....see I told you - just call me a geek (and maybe a tad obsessed) but I can swoon like a 14 year old girl with the best of them!!

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  1. haha ME too!!! I went at 12:05 with my cousin then got up at the crack of dawn the next day to go with my middle schoolers to it on a reward field trip! So I saw it twice in 10 hours! haha I totally agree with everything you said.... better than the first, was the oldest there, felt like an old lady perv, and YUUUMMMM! haha I am going to go see it again in a few weeks when all the newness dies down just because I want to appreciate the movie without all these crooning teens, and older ladies (me blushing here haha). I missed so much of the dialogue the first 2 times from all the... uh... "kids" oohing and ahhing out loud :)