Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All I got for my birthday was a computer virus..

Yep, its my birthday...number 34....yikes! That nasty Fac.eboo.k virus that's going around, it attacked my work computer, luckily it didn't do too much damage, I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain that one away...'yeah, I was on and caught this virus'....whew....glad I got it nipped in the bud.

Speaking of FB, its fun to get all the birthday wishes, I havn't had so many birthday wishes since I was in the 4th grade and passed out treats....I know everyone does it for everyone, but it does make you feel loved.

Not much going on in my world, tax season is sucking the life out of me, but the sun has been shining and we've almost made it above freezing outside, gotta love the sun.

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  1. Yuck! Happy Birthday! It does feel great to get so many love posts :)