Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Halloween Costumes

We have a costume/30th birthday party to attend tommorrow evening, we haven't dressed up in years so it should be fun, this is what we are going as (this isn't us of course, but its where I got the idea)- I made the costumes myself (I didn't make a cord though just the plug, I didn't think it was necessary, what do you think?) If I do say so myself my homemade attempt turned out awesome, I'm excited for an electrifying time!!


  1. Get.Out! Thats too funny! Post the real pics! I want to see. I made my nephew's costume this year- its the year of creativity :)

  2. I keep checking on you for more pics!!! I want to see you as an outlet=)

  3. I forgot my camera :( Someone is supposed to be sending me the pictures from the party, I'll post them when I get was a big hit!