Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter games

Sorry I've been so MIA, nothing much new in my world. Attended the annual winter games on a lake near us. We get up at 8 in the morning and go play softball on the frozen lake....seriously fun times, the bloody marys for breakfast don't hurt either:) There are all sorts of activities, flag football, broomball, and some people think up activities of their own.....my husband was standing right there watching all of this unfold


Some people are just not very bright.

We look forward to this event every year. The weather was tolerable, it was only a high of 12 degrees, but the sun was shining and it was SO great to get some fresh air. This is just what we needed to make it through the rest of this winter, already something like 40 inches of snow on the ground, just got 4 more inches yesterday, ready for spring already....damn that groundhog!


  1. lol, I watched the video!!! Have a great time!!!

  2. I remember you posting about your winter games a couple of years ago- glad the tradition is still going strong...
    Any other updates with this new year?

  3. We did end up getting about 12 inches of snow out here this last weekend. I was cracking up because the Iowa girl has been in the South so long I don't own a snow shovel!! I just shake my head, laugh, and stay off the roads!!

    That video looks like a blast, as usual!

    We're coming for a whirlwind trip to see family before we move to Turkey in 4 weeks...It's been a rough winter out there, I know...I hope we can make it everywhere we need to get to.

  4. I remember the pics from a couple years ago too!! Glad you had fun! Wouldn't that ruin a motor on a snow mobile?

  5. JADIP-No updates as of yet, this a really busy time of year for me so it's hard to miss a lot of work for monitoring, but I will do something soon, promise :)

    Micasgirl- Turkey? Wow that should be an adventure, have a great trip to Iowa - hope the weather cooperates for you.

    Lisa - I'm pretty sure the snowmobile is junk after that - the thing is is that you can't leave it, you have to hire a dive team to go get it or figure out a way to get it up yourself - they do that every year - most make it across but it's always funny to watch those who don't.