Monday, December 28, 2009

We survived

and we still got to celebrate Christmas Eve with my mom. A bit earlier than usual, we opted for lunch instead of dinner and everyone left for home before it got dark, but we were all able to be together and that's what counted.

We had a great time opening presents, playing games, I was actually all wound up and worried about the snow storm that I didn't even have any of those 'moments' that usually accompany Christmas for know the 'look how much fun the kids are having, what wouldn't I give to have a little one of my own to share all of this with' moments. It was actually tear free which is a huge improvement for me.

Christmas Day was spent playing with my new laptop (yay for that, we didn't even have a computer at our house before, so now we do!), eating dinner with the IL's and watching movies. The storm kept us from venturing anywhere for about 3 days so we had lots of quality time. We watched several movies including The Hangover and OMG that was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a really long time, I was nearly rolling on the floor laughing...... vulgar and inappropriate? Yes, but absolutely hilarious.

That about sums up my Christmas, hope you all had a good one!

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