Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The rest of the story....

So here's the rest of the bat story for those who are curious as to how my intruder met his demise....I had been carrying stuff down the stairs from upstairs and hauling it to my car for the garage sale. I had this poker table that was in one of our storage closets...we have a story and 1/2 so where the walls meet the angle of the roof, there are big closets....anyway I decided to get rid of the table and carried it down the stairs through the kitchen and out the I was shifting the weight of the table outside to get it to the car, my husband yells - 'there's another bat in the house'. I seriously thought he was joking....he had been poking fun at me about the incident from the night before and how scared I was of the I yell back 'seriously?' and he replies 'I'm dead serious'. I still wasn't sure if I believed him but I didnt' want to go back in the house to find out. So I yell 'where?' ...'in the kitchen' he says, 'it must have flown out of whatever you brought down the stairs' now I believed him and I immediately dropped the table on the ground and started to panick.....he yells out 'do we have a fly swatter' and I'm like 'you need something bigger than that!!' Then I hear a big commotion and things hitting the floor and dh yells 'I got him' go inside and there is a glass and salt and pepper shakers and a sweatshirt on the floor. Apparently dh took the sweatshirt off his back to swat at the bat as it was circling in the kitchen and took everything on the counter out in the process. But the bat was knocked out and under the sweatshirt. Dh took it outside, stomped on it to make sure it was never coming back and threw it to a part of the yard we never go.....Ewwwwww! So apparently the bat had been hiding out on the poker table and when I brought it downstairs he decided to fly around the kitchen....again thank God I wasn't inside when this happened or you probably all would have been able to hear my screaming as far away as where you live!

So we havn't had anymore incidents since then so I'm sticking with my story that it was just the one bat and we won't have any more problems....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the case.

On another note...I made nearly $300 on the garage sale and I only had one box of stuff left of the 2+ carloads of stuff I got rid of - wooo hooo!!


  1. Yikes -- I can't even stand the crunch of a spider, so I can't imagine how you handled the crunch of a bat. YUCK!

  2. Gross. I would clean my house like 100x's. $300 is good money for a garage sale! Are you going to use it for anything exciting???

  3. I think I just threw up a little bit. It was very close to you! Blech! Im glad its gone. I am so grossed out right now, I cant even tell you. I hope he threw away that sweatshirt. Blech.